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Based in the new Post X buildings right next to the Berchem train station, The Factory resides in an innovation space that breathes creativity. We are a young team of about 20 people that want to create impact in everything we do. Connecting people and enabling them to innovate is our passion.

As a team, we work hard and help each other out where needed. Working from home & flexible working hours are a no-brainer and only possible because of a culture that brings open communication, trust and integrity. An occasional drink at the bar or in the city is our preferred way to relax after hours.

We have a beautiful mix of young, ambitious professionals, and colleagues that were already innovating in the 80’s. Just to be clear: half of our team wasn’t even born back then! How we bring all of them together? By respecting our 3 core values:


Entrepreneurship is the passion we share at The Factory. We take ownership in the projects assigned to us and love to explore and test new opportunities. We challenge everybody and everything, including the status quo. Problem-solving thinking is our second nature.


A strong team is the key to success. We take care of one another and help each other out where needed. Facing a new challenge, “we got this” is what we believe and we’re proud of our successes. Trust, openness and integrity are the foundations of our team.


Being part of EY, we try to exceed expectations every day. We deliver quality in everything we do and are constantly looking for ways to improve our work. We align on priorities and strive to keep focused in a world full of distraction.

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